And don't look to the MSM for sounding the tocsin against the Orange Menace...here's how the NYT originally headlined tRump's Veteran's Day call for Hitlerian "camps":

"Trump Takes Veterans Day Speech in a Very Different Direction”

I ask you, is this "responsible" journalism, or merely more normalizing of the behavior of this mental defective? Oy vey!

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Code RED. Exactly. I've been freaked out about this guy since 2015.

Tuberville's blocks are part of the Project 2025 plan, as are Trump's words. We ignore the collaborative efforts of these people at great risk. Trump's biggest mistake, in his mind, during his first term, was not having a pliant military. He's going to do everything he can to "fix" that "mistake" second time around.

I really do wish Biden would step aside for this moment, but at the same time, I'd vote for a Biden version of Weekend at Bernie's over not voting. There is no option. Vote, or it's game, set, match.

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I’m a Holocaust scholar. I’ve been seeing these parallels for years. And even with that background, this is a horrifying series of developments, and they’re not even a little bit obscured.

Fascism plans, and all out in the open.

Democracy is on the line. Vote for Democrats. There is no other option.

Democracy or Fascism.

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I recall my German friend (who lives in America now) tell me a few years back when tRump got elected that his behaviors/rhetoric/laws were very Hitler-like. She then said “I don’t want to ever hear Americans ask me again how could you Germans allow Hitler? how could you not see it”? Boy, was she angry.

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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023

Trump claimed he would “root out” his enemies, referring specifically to “the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country” who “lie and cheat and steal on elections.”

And the audience cheered.

The. Audience. Cheered.

Trump could die tomorrow and still millions of Americans will have fellow Americans (Democrats, LGBTQ+, blacks, Jews, etc.) in their crosshairs. America has been poisoned.

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Nov 13, 2023Liked by Jay Kuo

He is not just planning for post-election policies; he is sowing the seeds of open revolt if the election does not go his way. Perhaps even earlier. It's terrifying.

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Thanks for bring this up!

This is definitely a scary shit Code Red. If you were sitting on the fence beforehand, this should seriously motivate you to vote Blue for election 2024 -- our democracy is at stake!

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Nov 13, 2023Liked by Jay Kuo

What's most terrifying to me is how many people either don't see or, more likely, don't care about the parallels between Hitler and Trump. As long as he's _their_ bully they openly cheer this clearly fascist, authoritarian language. As to this his recent defence filing that says the president has blanket immunity for anything he does while in office...

It is deeply deeply ironic that his followers most loudly declare themselves "patriots" and justify their need for guns as a constitutional right envisioned by the founders should they need to "overthrow a tyrannical government".... They are the ones cheering for the tyrannical government and throwing away the core tenets of the constitution: that a monarchy of total rule by one man should be replaced with democracy.

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Nov 13, 2023Liked by Jay Kuo

Horrifying. And that speech happened in my hometown, which unfortunately isn’t super surprising.

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Let’s honor #VeteransDay everyday. I have an ask.

Jam @SenTuberville Phone Lines⬇️

DC 202-224-4124

Mobile 251-308-7233

Mobile Text 202-539-7432

Huntsville 256-692-7500

Hoover 205-760-7307

Montgomery 334-523-7424

Listen here, Tubberville, in the high-octane, adrenaline-pumped arena of Uncle Sam's defense, you're playing a game of Russian roulette with the military promotions, jamming the gears while the specter of war hovers like a hawk. If you keep this up, when the iron bell tolls, and it will toll, thunderous and grim, we'll be caught flat-footed, a skeleton crew facing the abyss. So mark my words, if you're going to chain the hands of readiness, you better be ready to don the helmet yourself. Lead the charge, Tubberville, because if this ship sails into the storm with no hands on deck, it's you who'll be at the helm, staring into the gale. Let loose the chains, man, for it's your signature on this potential calamity, and when the smoke clears, it'll be 'Tubberville's Army' that'll either stand tall or fall hard.

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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023Liked by Jay Kuo

Your welcome wake-up call was echoed by Jen Psaki today.

Does Trump read enough, and is he historically literate enough, to consciously craft a speech that closely modeled upon NSDAP rhetoric? This is a man who gets confused as to who is currently the president and said aloud that Andrew Jackson should have prevented the Civil War. The word "vermin" not something I believe that he would come up with on his own.

This is going out on a limb, but I think that this kind of carefully modeled fascist-speak is being handed to Donald Trump entire after being written by Stephen Miller or someone under his supervision. Miller is an eminence grise prompting Trump with his own ideas and phraseology. Trump of course, will say ANYTHING for effect.

Addendum - Jay did say as much in the piece today. Consider my own contribution as emphasis.

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Democrats need to continually make this association in their ads. Emotion creates action. That’s one thing the republicans are capitalizing on. Democrats need stronger messaging. This is do or die time for the country. Every vote. Every voice.

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I think many people see this, but few write about it as well as Jay does. (One of them is Heather Cox Richardson) The bigger problem is, no one knows how to stop him. And then there's Jill Stein, RFK Jr and Dean Phillips getting into the race, and it's only days before Joe Manchin declares his candidacy as a no-labels candidate, all of whom are distractions which will help to pave the way for a Trump win in 2024.

The MAGA's are bonkers, but what is wrong with the rest of us that we can't step up and help Joe Biden crush this menace? He's doing a remarkable job and few people are writing about that either. And if they do, they start the article mentioning his terrible poll numbers and his age. It becomes a self-fulfilling meme. A sort of "You have to admit that . . . " (he's too old, he can't win, etc.) This Thanksgiving, just say no! Stand up for Joe!

Republicans line up and listen to two-hour Mussolini-style speeches from this monster and Dems divvy up and pick nits.

I'm starting to understand the "good" Germans. It's not so much that they did nothing, as they didn't know what to do until it was too late.

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Our media is complicit in all of this. They pushed his lies as facts, for years, they over criticize President Biden and let almost all Republican lies and terrorist language slide. Them finally coming around a bit is too little, too late. Merrick Garland has also failed us. There are still Republicans in Congress who are continuing January 6th's goal. The new speaker took a really active part around all of that. We the people have no recourse when all the powers that be benefit from trump and his bullshit. I am disgusted by the state of this country.

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This. It’s textbook. And tuberville holding all these promotions so he can fill the military with loyalists. That also is obvious. Because trump has to have the military for it all to fall into place.

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He is fomenting violence with incendiary rhetoric--hate speech--THAT IS NOT PROTECTED, FREE SPEECH. He needs to be taken into custody and treated like every other TRAITOR. He is actively seeking to subvert this government . WTF is the FBI?

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